“Excellent; covered a lot of material in a short time.  The instructor kept it interesting”

                -Mary B. (Austin. TX) Drilling Info


“I learned lots of good tips and practices when using these tools in our organization.  The virtual setups allow us to try out what we were learning.  I like how the course tied into PMI.”

                -Bryan P.  (Houston, TX) Flowserve


The instructor was very knowledgeable and very receptive to answering any and all questions.”

                -Drew M.  (Washington DC) E3 Federal Solutions


“Good mix of labs, lecture, and discussion.  Great instructor!”

                -Alexandra S. (Reston, VA) Insight Policy Research


“The class covered all the topics I wanted to learn and showed nicely how well SharePoint integrates with MS Project and Excel.”

                -Christine T. (Washington DC)  U.S. Department of Agriculture


“The Instructor was patient and encouraged discussion.”

                -Stephanie R. (Austin, TX) University of Texas


“I learned quite a bit of new technologies and tips.  Excellent class!”

                -Roger H. (Phoeniz, AZ) Honeywell


“At no point did I feel overwhelmed… a real danger from having zero experience with the software.”

                -Jerry P.  (Dallas, TX) ARI Starpointe, Inc


“High-speed course full of valuable content.”

                -Len J. (Washington DC) Quinetiq North America


“Interesting… workbook will be helpful.  Practical tips and shortcuts.”

                -Andrea G. (Austin, TX) Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.


Very good hands-on exercises.  Good coverage of major areas of SharePoint and how it applies to Project Managers.”

                -Mary O. (Austin, TX) Drilling Info


“The lectures gave me good ideas for enhancements to our SharePoint site and work.  The Instructor was good about answering my questions.”

                -Beth A.  (Austin, TX) Lower Colorado River Authority


“Well thought out with the attention to the details I was looking for.  I felt the class made an immediate impact on my work- project planning phase.  Balance between software functionality, project management skills and 'hands on' made this class excellent!”

                -Kevin O. (Denver, CO) Comcast


Interesting, engaging and very relevant to real world project management issues.”

                -Rhonda M. (Phoenix, AZ) PetSmart


“Workshop had such awesome information with high practical applications.”

                -Lisa N. (Phoenix, AZ) American Express


“The pace was ideal- just fast enough but with individual instruction when necessary.”

                -Janis M. (Phoenix, AZ)


“I learned a lot of new things in a simple straight forward manner.  The work book will be a big help- “

                -Valerie T.  (Midland, TX) Barry Oil Co.


“I was very happy with the material, the instructor was very involved and enthusiastic about the course and I feel much stronger in SharePoint.”

                -Michael M.  (Houston, TX) Petrobras America


“Exceeded my expectations for constructive hands-on lab time.”

                -Jon C.  (Phoenix, AZ) EMA Inc


“This was excactly what I needed- topics, labs, length of lecture.”

                -Helen S. (Dallas, TX) CrossMark


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and catered to the company’s needs and benefits.”

                -Sean C.  (Dallas, TX) Topographic Land Surveyors


“Very well paced, well organized course!  Lots of material covered, but it was all digestible and pertinent.  Very useful tips provided and opportunities to ask job-specific/ project-specific questions.”

                -Jill Z.  (Denver, CO) Zidea


“I took away many new skills and ideas that I am anxious to try in my workplace.”

                -Stacy O.  (Denver, CO) Ameriteach


“I found the workshop to be very informative and I learned many techniques I can take back to work to implement immediately with my project teams.”

                -Octavia F. (Chicago, IL) Allstate Insurance Co.


 “Very good experience… learned a lot.  Instructor was personable and engaging.”

                -Christine M.  (Phoenix, AZ) Prudential


“I’ve taken at least three other training courses that didn’t come near to this one regarding ‘take-aways’.  The instructor was extremely thorough and patient.  There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer.”

                -Denise M.  (Austin, TX) LCRA Org


“The instructor tried to assist in ways that we would actually use in our jobs.”

                -Frank R. (Chicago, IL) Harris Bank


“The experience was great for project managers.  It gives you a great perspective of how to use the software in a real work environment.”

                -Emilio P. (Chicago, IL) WMS


”This has been incredible!  I have learned more on the capabilities of SharePoint than I ever anticipated and gained a confidence level that I can create sites and manage sites independently of our IT department.”

                -Melissa H. (Dallas, TX) Odyssey Logistics & Technology